Symptoms and Relief of Low Testosterone

There are always two sides to a coin. In this case, the topic is not a coin but instead it is male vitality and health based on levels of testosterone. Low testosterone presents as a number of different symptoms in a man. It is important to look at and identify these symptoms in order to get the proper treatment. You can research testosterone replacement therapy Jacksonville FL men can count on for positive results.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men include fatigue, weakness, erectile dysfunction, depression, irritable male syndrome, memory loss, muscle loss, increased body fat, heart disease, and more. These basic symptoms are a red flag. The type of doctor you would want to go to is called an endocrinologist. Sometimes other medical professionals work with hormone replacement as well. Ultimately, your hormone levels will need to be analyzed by a qualified physician who is familiar with male hormone replacement therapy.

It is good to know that this has been understood for some time now. Different men will respond to different types of therapy. Essentially, the therapy involves taking testosterone in a form that will work for your needs. There are injections, patches, and creams that can be used. Often, men will choose what is called “bio-identical” hormone replacement. This simply means that the form of testosterone used is the same as that which is found in the body naturally.

The benefits include an increased energy level, improved strength and muscle tone, improved sex drive and elimination of erectile dysfunction, decreased body fat, an improved mood, and more. Does that not sound better than the symptoms of low testosterone? When your hormones are restored to normal levels again, you regain so much vitality and feel younger. Seek the care you need to get over low testosterone and get back to being a full man again.